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About the project
Organotopia is a project developed during a training course about instruments and their use in arts and education. Organotopia is "-topia" (place) for (and made from) instruments (Organs). A land which everything produces music sounds. Parts and mechanisms from the "world isntrumentarium", principles from Physics and Acoustics, arrange every detail, every part of this world. That's why someone who invents a part of Organotopia has to solve practical construction problems, to know basic sound-producing principles, and also to activate his knowledge and imagination. Finally Organotopia is an interdisciplinary way to learn about Music, Sound and Instruments "on-paper"; it’s a creative and efficient didactic tool…
In this page you can see invented instruments from practicing scholars, during lessons that took place in Winter of 2007. During their practicing, they drew these instruments, gave names to them and had to explain the way the istruments work. Teacher had the opportunity to make suggestions and practical improvements.
Organotopia is a project-in-process from Dimitris Sarris with the participation of music teachers from Greece and the cooperation of Cultural Institutions and Organizations.
Find more information about Organotopia in the future in this webpage.


Scholars that participated
Pinelopi Georganti, Vasiliki Vosi, Aggeliki Dede, Nikos Ioannidis, Elina Larou, Dionisis Morfis, Michalis Bakalis, Elpida Melissaratou, Dionisis Damkas, Eleni Papagiannakopoulou, Lia Papandreou, Nikos Pegioglou, Rondica Georgeskou, Giorgos Tsirigotis, Lambrini Chondrou





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